Sixty years from now there are no governments. There is no leadership. No air transportation. There is only hope for survival in the uninhabited parts of the world. Warfare has ravaged the planet, and only a select handful of people survive. In the far reaches of the South Pacific lies a stretch of islands called the Dark Horizon, a former military base and now hideaway for a band of cutthroat pirates; pillagers of passing transports carrying survivors from combat.

Gabriel Hawkins (Matthew Charles Hall), a legendary captain of the sailing vessel Invictus, leaves behind his life of piracy in exchange for an occupation as a transport for hire. His famed sailing ship and it’s small crew, made up of aspiring treasure hunter Jonathan Davies (Kyle Cahill) and former air force pilot “Slider” Finch (Christina Reyes), carry two passengers who are looking for transport towards the former Hawaiian islands.

Violating a trade agreement with the South Sea League of Pirates, Gabriel and his team head west into treacherous waters to take two fellow former Americans to shelter, one of them being Rebecca (Crystal Cooper), beautiful young woman in search of her family. As the adventure unfolds, these heroes are pursued by a band of cutthroat pirates along with the hazardous conditions of the sea and must return to the waters of the Dark Horizon in order to survive.

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