A little boy is tied to a post on a tropical shore. A huge ‘gator comes out of the water, and is about to devour the little kid, when a hunter appears and shoots the reptile.

When I sat down and began to watch this film, I was expecting a dull, simple affair, the likes of which would be enjoyed only by an idiotic, stiff-lipped bourgeois. I was surprised to learn, however, that this is a superb, action-filled epic masterpiece with some of the most startling compositions in the history of cinema.

I must dedicate a paragraph to this film’s incredible mise-en-scene. The blocking, staging of props, and, to be honest, arterial spray — all add up to a visually stunning work of art. This film, visually, makes so-called “beautiful” films like “Veronika Voss” look like “Citizen Kane” — and that’s not a good thing, actually, because “Citizen Kane”.

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